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Who are we? THE preferred choice of small, medium and large enterprises in Ireland for practical business advice and mentoring.

The Discovery Partnership is a network of experienced, professional business advisers and mentors partnering with owners and managers of small, medium enterprises and larger organisations in Ireland including multi-nationals.

Why do we exist? Our purpose is to maximise YOUR potential and that of your team and your business. How do we achieve this? We help diagnose and then resolve immediate, short-term operational and financial challenges. We are facilitators...making it easy for you to deliver strategic and operational goals and dreams. We are there to serve you, our valued clients by forming long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships that focuses on serving your personal and business needs. We work primarily through the development of individuals and teams.

Our expertise comes from our people. We are a team of experienced business advisers who have build up many years of practical business experience, skills and knowledge. Our "attitude" is what separates us from other similar consultancies. Nothing is too onerous and this attitude comes from within each individual on the team. Coupled with our portfolio of leading-edge programmes and techniques, we offer a unique blend that is dedicated to maximising our clients' full potential.

Our development programs are designed to support individuals and businesses along their own unique journey of discovery. What is 2143? We achieve our success through the application of our "2143 Discovery Programme™" that our clients continuously testify as bring highly effective and beneficial.

In summary, our raison d'etre is to serve our clients by facilitating world-class business improvement ("PUSH" force) and strategic thinking and planning programmes ("PULL" force) that combine to enable clients achieve and exceed their goals. 


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